Body Work.

Movement is essential.

The body will become better at whatever you do, or don’t do. You don’t move? The body will make you better at NOT moving. If you move, your body will allow more movement.

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Movement is not a mere luxury, a hobby that you can schedule after work. Your body is designed to jump, run, dance and fight. That makes movement essential. If you do not move, your body degenerates, in all its function and abilities.

Our sedentary lifestyle betrays the importance of the body and the role movement plays not only in the development of physical abilities but also in its important for brain health, intelligence and emotional resilience.

The way we life in a modern society often disconnects us from our body, to the degree that we only notice the body when something is wrong, when pain, diseases or injury happen.

We need movement. We need to use our body to its full capacity, exploring its entire range of motion, challenge our brain with complex movements and release endorphins to positively influence our emotions.




My work.

I understand the human body, its physical health and well-being as a complex and holistic system. I believe that body and soul can not be viewed isolated. What happens in your mind will be displayed in your body – and vice versa. My approach on movement is multi-dimensional, because the effects of movement work multi-dimensional on your body.

That is why I chose to be trained and train my clients in Comprehensive Pilates and Gryotonic®. Both methods understand the integrity and complexity of a human body and aim to train beyond what is mere physical.



Opposed to linear and isolated exercising, movement on the specialized equipment is not limited, it encourages three-dimensional and fluid movements over the individual, full range of motion.

With the right guidance, both methods can have a tremendous effect on your health by helping you build up functional strength, re-teaching your body’s natural and healthy movement pattern.

Through right and balanced muscle recruitment you will support your body to face its day-to-day demands. You will experience a new understanding of alignment, that rewards you with greater ease and comfort within your own skin.


Your body is a unique system of intelligence – with the right quality of training you can awaken this system, emphasizing your body´s intrinsic intelligence and WORKING IN RATHER THAN OUT.


What movement does for you.


Explore and broaden your body's full capacity and health, moving through your range of motion and in natural movement pattern.


Achieve an understanding for your body in space and articulate through your body’s ability and anatomy.


Recover strength and flexibility without putting pressure on joints or spine creating more space in your body so you can move through your life with greater ease.


Keep your brain alert and positively influence emotions, to stay healthy, physically and mentally.

Created with ❤ by Ina in Bali.

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