the only workout you'll ever need.

The right movement is an opportunity of transformation.
No matter if you aim to heal from injuries, prepare for athletic performance, challenge your physical fitness or simply want to unwind after a stressful day – the right movement is key. 

a class for every body.

Called Contrology by its creator Joseph Pilates, PILATES is a complete and functional, three-dimensional movement system. You work your joints through their full range of motion, stretching and strenghtening your muscles at the same time. While Pilates is a highly functional and effective workout, it creates a safe environment to enhance or re-train natural movement pattern, recruiting the right muscle activation.

Experience a unique and transformative approach to pilates that will have you feeling not just stronger, longer and leaner but also relieved of physical tension and mental stress. 

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Coming in summer 2021, the 37° Membership offers a library of full-length Pilates & Barre classes, stretching routines, tutorials, monthly LIVE specials and more. ON DEMAND. For you to customize your time on the mat  from the comfort of your home and make it more than a workout. 

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