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Signature Pilates

Pilates at it’s purest. A complete workout for your body and mind. Find freedom in & with your body, while lenghtening and strenghtening your tissue all at once. 
This class type is for everybody. From beginner to advanced to athlete – you’ll all get the most out of your time on the mat.
We’ll blend the classical Pilates repertoire – with some elements of a contemporary approach. 
Get ready to flow, laugh and glow through an hour-long session. 

Pilates Sculpt

Ready to get physical? Spoiler alert: this class type is not for those looking for a slow and calming practice. It’s our fiery and athletic one: fast paced, feisty, sweaty, fun.
We incorporate more full-body, some standing, some interval and definitely some advanced repertoire movement and principles. It’s still Pilates – don’t you worry – with all the wonderful effects Pilates has on your body and soul. Plus some extra spice. 
Get your heart beat bumping and your sweat on.

Barre Classes

Take some Pilates precision, some dancer leg & arm toning and some fun cardio exercise – and here you are. Our Barre classes elegantly blend some basic Ballet elements with fluid sequences of Pilates and some spicy full-body cardio.
A barre or a chair will give you the hold you need to work fluidly through muscles and joints, while building up strength and stability.
A new feeling of freedom and ease in your body awaits you. 


We don’t only want our body & mind to be strong, we also need them to be flexibel. And we’ve got you covered. 
Our mobility focused classes play with the intersection of mobility training, Pilates elements and dance. But don’t you worry, we won’t be getting technical, no preknowledge needed and all levels are welcome. Make no mistake, however: even stretching-focused classes are HARD. Yet, oh-so-so yummy. You’ll HOVER out of class. 

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Want to join me for LIVE events or a regular class?! Or even grant yourself the luxury of a 1:1!
Find out more about my schedule and the monthly specials and book yourself a slot of greatness. All you need is your laptop and mat.